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Book my time

If you have questions and would like to use my experience, then you now have the opportunity to book my time.


I get many inquiries from wonderful people who want knowledge about many different things. I make a living from clients who buy my services as a graphic designer, photographer and lecturer. In addition, I share a lot on social media and my website, so unfortunately I do not have time to answer emails and phone calls. Even though I think it’s great that you want my knowledge. So, therefore, you now have the opportunity to book my time!

Write an email to me at
Then we’ll find out if this is something I can help you with. There are only a few things I am private about, but otherwise, I am open and honest. And I am happy to help.

I have given some examples of questions

My life
You are curious about my life on the road and are burning with a lot of questions, such as:

How did you get the idea?
What time did you spend preparing?
How long will you live like this?
How did you do? Was it difficult?
Where do you have your address?
Where are you staying overnight?
What is it like to drive alone? How about security?
What is the worst thing you have experienced?
Is life on the road so idyllic?
Practical things in everyday life 
What about mobile and data abroad?
What is your experience with the seasons in a motorhome?

My work
What do you live on?
How do I become a graphic designer?

Are you interested in photography?
Are you a beginner and need guidance?
Want to go from auto to manual on your camera?

Shall we go for a walk where you can ask about photography

Do you want a talk about my equipment and what I can recommend?

You also have the option of sending me photos, which I provide feedback on.

Do you want a mentor?


I take 600,- per hour

We can and will meet at a location. But then you must book me for a minimum of 3 hours. And depending on the location, travel expenses may be added.


Prices are incl. VAT. 


We can talk together over the phone, on Skype, Zoom or another medium online.


These are my experiences you book! If you have questions regarding SKAT – then talk to SKAT. If it’s something with rules about cars, talk to the body that knows something about the subject.


“Anja lives such an exciting life. I sent her an email with a lot of questions and she told me I could book her time. Jeg chose to book her an hour and ask her about everything what it means to live as she does.

But also to share my thoughts on mine any future on the road. I also needed to share a business idea, hear her advice and the experiences she has gained. It gave me peace of mind. Anja is good at sharing her experiences and she does it in a fun, honest and humorous way and the planning on my adventure continues definitely”

Janni / Upcoming Digital nomad

“I called Anja and asked if I could use her for some feedback on some of my photos. We had a really good talk about what was good and what I could improve.

One day I would like to go out and photograph with her for a few hours and become more confident in that go from auto to manual fotografering. I will definitely call again when I get a new need. I got good advice for my further course and it was a really good experience.

Gitte / School teacher with photography as a hobby